"United 93" Stirs Painful 9-11 Memories

Cristine Snyder
Cristine Snyder
Georgine Corrigan
Georgine Corrigan
KHNL News 8's Beth Hillyer talks to Cristine Snyder's friend Tonya Taylor.
KHNL News 8's Beth Hillyer talks to Cristine Snyder's friend Tonya Taylor.

(KHNL) - The first feature film detailing the events of the September 11th plane hijackings debuted Wednesday for the media.

Family and friends of two Hawaii victims killed have mixed emotions about the movie from Universal Pictures, "United 93."

38 passengers and seven crew were on board United 93 when hijackers took over September 11th.

The film is scheduled for nationwide release on April 28th.

The flight from Newark to San Francisco crashed into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

56 year year old Hawaii antiques dealer Georgine Corrigan died in the crash.

32 year old Kailua arborist and newlywed Cristine Snyder was also killed. Snyder's friend, Tonya Taylor has some reservations, "I'm still kind of undecided about seeing it, it brings up a lot of emotions."

Taylor misses her childhood friend and believes Snyder died trying to save others.

"Flight 93 definitely heros everyone on that flight, they sacrificed for everyone in the world."

There is a living memorial planted at Lanikai Elementary in memory of victim Christine Snyder."

Shower trees are planted in her memory.

Taylor believes her friend helped others during that tragic flight, "She was probably comforting people. She was that type of person that would have sat next to someone who was afraid."

Taylor could not watch a recent documentary on Flight 93. "When it showed them running toward the cabin I had to stop watching it, it just brought back too many memories."

Georgine Corrigan's daughter, Laura Brough says she met with film producers and believes they're committed to portraying the heroic efforts of all the passengers including her mom.

Brough says, "The passengers on flight 93 were hero's not just a few good men."

Family and friends of the Hawaii victims say they will not watch the movie in the theatres.  Instead, they plan to watch the DVD in the privacy of their homes, surrounded by family.