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Officials Address Makiki Flooding Concerns

Patsy Choy Patsy Choy
Kaipo Perez Kaipo Perez
Rep. Scott Saiki, Kaimuki (D) Rep. Scott Saiki, Kaimuki (D)

(KHNL) Frustrated flood victims had one more opportunity to voice their concerns at a community meeting on Wednesday. Various state, city and private agencies came out to help direct neighbors to the right resources to get help. Aside from the meeting, we also went to the neighborhoods to see first hand the progress made in cleaning up the muddy mess.

Patsy Choy showed us her home,which was threatened, by dangerously high flood waters when the nearby Makiki Stream overflowed last month. The flooding caused the wall near her house to topple over; a wall that had stood for more than 60 years.  Patsy said,"All of a sudden I looked in the middle and I thought ahh, where did all this water come from?"  No one was injured, but weeks later, she's still cleaning up and still making repairs. Repairs she says have totaled to around 15-thousand dollars, "I wish somebody can help me."

Choy's cries for help were echoed at a meeting at Washington Middle School, where Kaipo Perez Junior was one of the dozens who showed up. His photos detail the damage caused, when the nearby stream overflowed and flooded his apartment. Since then he says he's gotten nothing but the run around. He said, "I just want to find out as residents, where do we stand.  I called the city and the city referred me back to the state. The state referred me back to the city and back and forth back and forth."

Representative Scott Saiki says help is on the way. The solution includes dredging the streams and canals and making changes that require some more time, as improving infrastructure often does. He explained the state's position saying, "I think everybody was taken by surprise, this was an act of God. We learn from this and prevent it from happening in the future."

State Civil Defense was one of the agencies at the meeting. Vice Director Ed Teixeira reported that the state has requested for federal assistance and if that goes through funds could be available for loans or grants for flood victims.

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