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911 Tapes from Inmate Shooting Released

HILO (KHNL) Hilo police today released tapes of the 911 calls made immediately after an inmate was shot dead while trying to escape.

Authorities say a corrections officer shot Thane Leialoha in the back of the head after he bolted from a transport van on April 11. The guard opened fire in broad daylight on Keawe street.

After checking on Leialoha the guard was one of the first to call.

Operator: You shot the person?

Guard: Yes I did.

Operator: Why did you shoot him? 

Guard: He escaped from my van.

Operator: How many times did you shoot him? 

Guard: One shot, one shot.

Operator: Did he have a weapon?

Guard: He didn't have a weapon but he broke out of the van, he got out of the restraints and when I tried to grab him he kicked me. I fell to the ground and got up and he was running away and I shot him.

Prison officials say Leialoha was in full restraints when he entered the van. Authorities reportedly found a handcuff key on the road. They are still tryinto figure out where the key came from. Interim Public Safety Director Frank Lopez says his department supports the officer's actions in this incident.
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