Drivers React to Soaring Gas Prices

Cameron Seitz
Cameron Seitz
Rick Miller
Rick Miller
Fernando Bastos
Fernando Bastos

HONOLULU (KHNL) Get ready to pay more at the pump. Drivers can expect to see a double digit increase in gas prices next week. This will be the third week in a row that gas prices will rise according to estimates.

Analysts with our news partner, the Honolulu Advertiser say the state's gas price cap will likely rise about 12 cents come Monday. That's on top of a 13-cent increase from last week and a 14 cent jump the week before that. The soaring prices are the net result of record prices for crude oil.

"I hate to pay that much for fuel but it sounds like the only one making money here is the gas company," says driver Richard Seitz.

Seitz and his son Cameron are visiting from California.

"As long as people have cars, they're going to want to drive," says Cameron Seitz.

Visitors like Richard Cameron aren't the only ones noticing the high prices at the pump.

"We used to pay regular decent prices and now its pretty outrageous," says one Oahu driver.

"I don't know what its going to take for everyone to stand up and make a difference. I'd love to stand up and tell them enough is enough. but whatever alternative is there?" says Rick Miller, a driver from Ewa Beach.

"Its going to make its going to up, up, up and there is nothing we can do," says Fernando Bastos.

Bastos says he's in his car everyday and spends about a $100 a week on gas.

"Its been increasing for the past three to four years and I have no doubt it's going to increase and increasing," says Bastos.

Bastos is just one of the many drivers who accept rising gas prices as part of life.

"The government is not going to bring the prices down in Hawaii or the United States."

According to AAA fuel gauge report, the price for regular in Honolulu has risen 29 cents during the past month to an average of $3.01 a gallon.