Well Known Former Police Chief Looks to Join HPD

Charles Moose
Charles Moose
Charles Moose and wife Sandy are adjusting to their new home in Hawaii.
Charles Moose and wife Sandy are adjusting to their new home in Hawaii.

(KHNL) - For a time four years ago Police Chief Charles Moose was everywhere. In daily interviews Chief Moose would brief the media. In response to questions he would say, "It would not be appropriate to talk about any of those details in this investigation."

Six shootings by the so-called beltway snipers occurred in his district. The trial for the suspects in the six Maryland shootings starts May 1st.

Moose says he'll tune in weekly, "It will bring back a lot of bad memories for people. It was a terrible time."

Moose remembers the killings went on for six weeks, "In terms of the darkest moment it still comes back to when they shot the young man on his way to school."

"That was so insensitive, so mean-spirited. I think about him every day. It was a horrible thing they did, but God also determined he would survive."

And Moose survived as well. Charles and his wife, Sandy, moved to Hawaii and took a few years off. About the past Moose adds, "I try to make a real effort to move on to the present. Look forward to tomorrow," says Moose.

But retirement got boring. The former police chief signed up for the Honolulu Police Academy.

The question is, why would Charles Moose want to go from being a Police Chief back to being a street cop?

Moose explains, "I hope to bring experience, inside perspective, help co-workers. Certainly, I'll take away more than I can bring."

At age 53, Moose is confident he can make the grade, "So I'm hopefully just going to work the street and do patrol for the Honolulu Police Department to see if i can influence and change things at that level."

Sandy Moose supports her husband's unusual career move, "He has so much vitality, he's gonna be a great street cop." Charles adds, "It certainly is a dream come true."