Fire Destroys Part of Hauula Home

Jim Cook
Jim Cook

HAUULA (KHNL) A family in Hauula spent their Easter cleaning up after a fire destroyed part o their home. Fire investigators say it was probably started by a candle. 

A day later you can still smell the smoke and see the damage. Neighbors say the quick work by firefighters prevented the worst from happening.

Firefighters scrambled to control the fire at the home on Honomu street.. They were called just after 10:30 PM Saturday night. They had the fire out in less than a half hour.

"There was kind of an explosion and then we came out and saw the flames and everything. The fire department got here really really fast, did a great job" said neighbor Jim Cook.

The fire melted some of the siding and the smoke left it's mark around the windows.

"All in all, it was really a pretty quick response and they contained it to just one room. And I'm glad it didn t go all the way up, because I didn't want it to get my house"

Everyone inside got out safely. A man and woman were taken to the hospital, but relatives say they are doing fine.

"Everybody got out, nobody got hurt, none of the neighbors got hurt or anything. Like I said, real quick to respond. If they hadn t knocked it down, it could have gotten the whole house."

The people who live here are cleaning up, but aren't sure what s next, either to fix the room or fix the entire house. But they are thankful that no one got hurt.