Waikiki Tenants Must Go

An old part of Waikiki will soon be changed.

The Food Pantry Ltd. Is clearing two buildings on Kuhio Avenue and now a half-dozen businesses are searching for a new home.

"I didn't need this," said Steve Havunen, who recently received his 90-day notice to vacate the building.

Havunen's business, Hawaiian Peddler, has been sitting on the corner of Kuhio and Kai'olu for the past seven years.

But this summer, he'll be leaving.

"What I'm getting is the building is in bad shape, to me, the building is old, bad shape is a different story. It's not crumbling, it's not falling down," said Havunen.

He wants the buildings' owners to give him more time to find a new place. But other tenants are a little more understanding.

"The company is on a demolition clause like all the other shops here so anytime they tell you they're going to demolish they give you sufficient time and tell you to move," said tenant Robert Dote.

But Dote says the timing could've been better. "It's a real money-making season for all merchants and shopping centers," said Dote.

Tenants say this is the last of the old Waikiki and they're sad to see it go.

"From Kuhio Theatre, was the first one to go, then gradually everything has evolved and changed," said Dote.

Business owners say a new wedding chapel and condo will be built nearby, but they're not sure what will happen to the property they're on now.

Officials at Food Pantry could not be reached. Tenants need to leave the buildings by June 24.