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Neighborhood Bully Sent to Jail

David Domingues David Domingues
Kathy Shota Kathy Shota
The Ahuimanu neighborhood where Domingues terrorized his neighbors. The Ahuimanu neighborhood where Domingues terrorized his neighbors.

(KHNL) - Some people who live in Ahuimanu say they aren't surprised their neighborhood bully is at it again. Just a month-and-a-half after getting a break, David Domingues is back behind bars. KHNL News 8's Minna Sugimoto visited his neighbors, who endured his threats for more than a decade.

Getting the mail seems like a simple task. But for years, it was something Kathy Shota dreaded.

"I had a hard time even doing my yard in the front 'cause I would go in the front and he would yell," Shota said. "And to hear that yelling all the time was really hard."

This is who, she says, was doing all that yelling. In February, David Domingues admitted he terrorized his neighbors. But he got the judge to release him from custody, so he could enter a drug treatment program. What did he do? Prosecutors say he started threatening people at the treatment facility.

"You can't expect a correction in a matter of months," Shota said. "It's a long process, I'm sure. So when he failed, we, I wasn't surprised."

Thursday, the judge scolded the 38-year-old and sent him to jail. After 90 days, Domingues may get another chance at drug treatment, instead of further incarceration.

For now, his former neighbors are experiencing peace and quiet.

"We thought it was just one chance," Shota said. "So I guess we'll have to see what the judge says."

Until then, Shota will enjoy these simple pleasures.

"He could come out some day, you know," she said. "I like it like this (laughs)."

Domingues' next court hearing is scheduled for July 10th.

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