More Incentives to Go Solar

(KHNL) - Installing a solar water heater could do more than just save money on your monthly electric bill, it could also earn you nice tax break.

The state already offers a tax credit on solar water heater installation. but with oil prices climbing, lawmakers could be providing an even larger incentive to homeowners who make the switch.

For Cully Judd of Inter-Island Solar Supply, solar power just makes sense.

"Something I always believed in. I grew up in a house with solar water heaters," Judd said.

These days solar water systems fly out of Judd's Mapunapuna warehouse. Each system will save a homeowner an estimated 30 to 50 percent on their electric bills.

"We're selling more and more systems everyday, people are aware of their electric bill," Judd said. "It gets back to what they're paying."

State lawmakers are considering raising the existing the tax credit on solar water installation up to $2250. That's an increase of $500.

Lawmakers are also considering tax credits for installation of solar panels powering other electric systems such as lights and appliances. Supporters say the state remains too dependant on imported oil.

"There's much more perception that we're in trouble over energy and of course the electric bills are going through the roof," Judd said.