Foul Odor Prompts Another School Evacuation

(KHNL) - A scary situation for parents and students at Aina Haina Elementary School.

44 students were transported to five different hospitals, after reportedly feeling ill because of a strong odor on campus.

Shortly after 1pm, fire and EMS crews arrived on campus and quickly located the source of the smell.

Fire officials say a nearby resident used malathion and the strong winds carried the scent to the school.

"We started to dilute it and immediately the smell started to dissipate," said Capt. Kenison Tejada of the Honolulu Fire Dept.

"Dizziness, some kids complained of headaches, people were coughing, having a little bit of difficulty breathing, there's possibly two kids that vomited but we're not able to confirm that," said Bryan Cheplic, public information officer for the City and County of Honolulu's Emergency Medical Services.

Parents who found out their kids were sick, remained calm.

"Well my son has asthma so I'm a little worried but I'm sure he'll be fine," said parent Marie Liddell.

No one reported any major illnesses due to the smell.