Tax Day Two Days Later This Year

(KHNL) - Tax time is here, and you've got just 4 days to get your taxes filed. Taxes aren't due until Monday night. Luann Goodness-Ono is a preparer at H&R Block. "This year because it falls on a weekend they stretched that deadline to the first working day following."

There's a few changes to the rules this year. For claiming children, Goodness-Ono explains, "If they're your dependent and you supported them you get all the credit. You can't split the child like you used to in the past."

For multi generational families: "Head of household filing status has changed. This has affected older clients; clients who are empty nesters and their grown children come live with them."

And cell phones: "Cell phone expenses for business generally have to be in excess of the regular charges that you get charged."

And if you can't file on time, make sure you at least pay by the 17th. Remember, this is an extension of time to file, not pay.