Drug Use Down Among Hawaii Workers

Carl Linden, scientific director at Diagnostic Laboratory Services
Carl Linden, scientific director at Diagnostic Laboratory Services

(KHNL) - A new report shows drug use in the local workplace decreased 28% the first quarter this year compared with the previous quarter.

According to Diagnostic Laboratory Services, drug use dropped from 5.8% to 4.2%.

Cocaine inched up from .4% to .5%, but crystal methamphetamine and marijuana use in the workplace both decreased.

"There is some seasonality in people's patterns and also in patterns in companies in their hiring," said Carl Linden, scientific director with the company's toxicology department.

Linden says if next quarter's results continue to show a decrease in drug use in the workplace, then that could reflect a drop in use with the overall population.

"It's been good, you can see everything much clearer," said Jontei Wakinekona, who's been clean for more than a year.

The 26-year-old started using marijuana at the age of 13, and kicked the habit after Child Protective Services took away her kids.

Marijuana use in the workplace dropped the most, nearly 45%.

Diagnostic Laboratory Services gathered this data using almost 9,000 employee drug tests from 700 companies.