Do Something

Got a few extra cans of food you can give?  How about a pint of blood?  How about some of your time?  We live in a state that is seeing economic boom times, but that doesn't mean we can slack off in the need to give something back.

Pick up a few extra cans of non-perishable food and an extra bag of rice the next time you visit the store and drop it by the Food Bank.  Go ahead, write a reminder note and post it in your car. Schedule an easy appointment by phone to stop by the Blood Bank- now there's a withdrawal you can feel really good about, and they'll even give you a donut for your effort.  The Blood Bank Needs Your Help Now.

Figure out a way to give up your valuable time to help out at a hospital, or a kid's charity, or even at your kids' school.  Everyone's busy, but plan to find the time.  Trust me, you'll be the one beaming, you'll be the one feeling the inner satisfaction of having made a difference; you'll be the one enriched by the experience.  But do something; for those who can…must.  Think about it…