Bills, Bills, Bills

Time is running out on your chance to voice your opinion to legislators on some of the myriad bills still alive in the state Senate Bill 3021, which would put more constraints on employers as it regards people using accrued sick leave. The measure, as it stands now, might actually prompt some employers to stop providing sick leave as a benefit in order to avoid possible complaints of unlawful practices down the road.

Obviously, there are other bills out there which might affect you- good or bad. Believe it or not, you can actually watch the democratic process (no pun intended) by going on-line at to see what bills are being bandied about and prettied up for possible passage this legislative session. You can call your state senator or House rep to voice your happiness or concern, too. Yes, you can actually have a voice in the process. But do it now, while these items are still cooking.

Hearing about what passed after the fact is simply too late for you to be heard, unless you want to sit around and whine. So check it out, and don't just think about it…