Speedy Delivery Made in Car at Gas Station

Randaiah Smith and her fiance Aaron Mitchell.
Randaiah Smith and her fiance Aaron Mitchell.
EMS Supervisor Jane Greewood joins the happy couple.
EMS Supervisor Jane Greewood joins the happy couple.

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A Kapolei couple welcomed their newborn son Friday morning not in a hospital, but at a gas station near Honolulu International Airport.

After Randaiah Smith began having contractions, her fiance Aaron Mitchell drove to Kaiser Permanente in Moanalua. Smith's water broke in the car and the couple panicked and missed the cut-off to the hospital. When they got off the H-1 freeway, they pulled into the Union 76 gas station's parking lot.

"The baby started coming. I could see the head," says Mitchell.

Shortly after, paramedics arrived who helped deliver baby Aaron.

"We would always joke about it. I was like honey you're going to be delivering the baby," says Smith.

Mitchell was on the phone the whole time talking to emergency dispatch.

"He just kept saying, i can't believe my son is going to be born in a gas station," says EMS Supervisor Jane Greewood.

Greewood has delivered at least 10-babies in the past. But this was the first she's delivered on the side of the road.

"Its something different were bringing life into the world instead of watching it go away," says Greewood.

Smith and Mitchell will have a wild story to tell Aaron junior when he gets older.

"This has to be one of the craziest things i've had to do," says Mitchell.

"Its going to be a joke. were going to laugh about it. do you really want to know?" says Smith.

Mother and baby are reported to be in good health. The two are expected to check out of the hospital Saturday.