Toddler Continues Recovery on Oahu

(KHNL) - A two-year-old beating victim from Maui continues her long road to recovery from a hospital room in Honolulu. And now, complete strangers are coming forward to help cover expenses.

She went from enjoying her life to fighting for her life, the victim of a savage beating that left her with head and internal injuries.

"Nobody should have to go through that, not a two-year-old child," Cheryl Luker, victim's grandmother, said.

We first brought you the story of two-year-old Shari Rodrigues Tuesday. Friends on Maui say, after the piece aired, donations started pouring in.

"People were shocked that didn't already know about it," Karen Shelton, Luker's friend, said. "And I had neighbors hand me money. Rev. James Malafu from the Faith Church of Tonga came over, and told me that they're going to take a collection."

Luker has been at her grand-daughter's bedside since she was transferred to Honolulu, from Maui, March 15th. For three weeks, she's been living out of a small suitcase. Her job on Maui is on hold.

"She sounds exhausted when I talk to her, and I know she's probably not comfortable and getting enough sleep," Shelton said. "It's really nice that, that people care 'cause it's a sad thing that had happened."

The boyfriend of the little girl's mother is charged with attempted murder. Maui police say he confessed to beating Shari.

"She's normally just a happy, little girl," Shelton said. "And she's strong, and she's got people praying for her. And the way she looked on T.V. last night, I think her chances are good of getting through this."

If you'd like to help, visit any Bank of Hawaii branch and make a contribution to the "Shari Assistance Fund."

You may be wondering where the girl's parents are in all of this. Luker says her son, Shari's father, is on the mainland. Maui police say they arrested Shari's mother in connection with the beating, but released her after her boyfriend confessed.