Pothole Patrols Begin After Weeks of Rain

(KHNL) - State Department of Transportation crews began patching potholes now that the sun is out again. The recent heavy rains have caused massive potholes all around the island.

"I think we get about 20 to 25 pothole complaints a day in the last week. A lot of is due to the rain, you know. We just hasn't gotten a chance to patch potholes because its been raining," says Scott Ishikawa from the Department of Transportation.

A total of eight state road crews started filling the holes on the H-1 freeway, Ala Moana Boulevard and Farrington Highway. The work will be done over the next two to three weeks.

"The areas were getting the most complaints are Farrington highway through Waipahu, Ala Moana boulevard, which we'll repave later this year and Kamehameha Highway," says Ishikawa.

Patching potholes is a temporary fix. Repaving the roadway is a long term solution. The state plans to fill the holes with more than $25,000 worth of asphalt called Wespro. The material is considered to be more durable than other asphalts.

"If we have another series of rain we may come out again, we gotta patch it again. but at the same time. We don't want someone running into it, losing control of the car or somebody swerving to dodge a pothole and cause an accident. we just figure we patch as a short term thing, and repave later on," says Ishikawa.

Crews will begin resurfacing work on a 3.5 mile stretch of Farrington Highway in Waipahu Thursday morning.