Gas Cap Up Again, Prices to Jump Near $3 a Gallon

(KHNL) - Ever since the gas cap went into effect in September, drivers have been trying to plan ahead and fill up before prices go up. That was the case again Wednesday with another double-digit increase scheduled for next week.

"I think it's ridiculous. It's getting out of hand, that's for sure," said Eugene Nobriga as he filled up at Kahala Shell.

The cap on wholesale gas prices on Oahu will jump another 14 cents come Monday, possibly pushing retail prices up to $3 a gallon.

"That's why I'm here today (Wednesday), filling up before that happens," Nobriga said.

After months of double-digit price swings, some drivers said they keep track trends at the pump and they're not surprised at the latest increase.

"Well, I would guess we would go up anyway. I noticed oil's gone up to $67 a barrel now, today," said driver Dave Steele.

The wholesale maximum of $2.31 a gallon for regular unleaded is the highest the state's gas cap has been since mid-October, when the oil industry was still feeling the effects of the Gulf Coast hurricanes.

The fate of the gas cap remains unclear. On Tuesday the House Finance Committee approved a bill that would suspend and eventually repeal the pricing regulation. Lawmakers were also considering a proposal that could temporarily lift the gas cap but bring it back if prices continue to climb.

With or without the gas cap, some drivers said they have little hope of seeing lower prices in the future.

"In Hawaii nothing ever goes down," Nobriga said. "Just keeps going up, up, up. That's it."