Jason Aguirre

Police tell us Jason Aguirre cut a man in the face and then stabbed another in the stomach.  All because, they say, the men "cut him off" on the road.


The victims’ tell a different story.  They say it was Aguirre and his friend who ran them off the road and caused an accident.  They say Aguirre then got out of his car with a knife, slashed one of them in the face, and then stabbed the other in the abdomen.


There's a 50-thousand dollar warrant out for his arrest and police need your help to catch him.    


Jason Aguirre is 30 years old.  He's six feet tall and weighs 140 pounds.  He has brown eyes and  in this picture has dark hair.  Aguirre has several recognizable tattoos.  On his stomach, the word Vietnamese.  “Doogie” is printed on his right arm.  And a  "Nike swoosh" is on his left arm.  On his left shoulder blade, a lady with a fancy hat.