Flood Cleanup in McCully

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- The McCully community is cleaning up after heavy rains flooded their neighborhood. Torrential floodwaters caused serious damage to Bernadine Lalosin's property. Lalosin said the flood took out her concrete wall. Her brother Raymond had tried to stop it from happening.

"The whole wall here basically came at me. I turned around, over here couldn't say anything. It hit me right in my back and sent me flying to my house in my living room," says Raymond Lalosin.

His worst nightmare just came true. Raymond has been asking the city to dredge the canal. He says it rises every time there's a flood.

"I think there would have been damage, but not to this degree. Is it going to take another Kauai dam to get something done?

The Red Cross and Civil Defense surveyed the damage. City crews cleaned up the mud and mason workers volunteered to re-build a new wall.

"I lived here 29 years and i've never seen it like this before. this is the worst disaster for McCully," says Lillian Novak

while most of the victims hold their heads up high many are still in disbelief.

"its too bad, today's April first, April fool's. its like a big April fool's for us in McCully."

Many residents are planning to sound off about the stream issue at the next neighborhood board meeting at Lunalilo Elementary School Thursday night.