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Massive Clean-up Follows Flooding

HONOLULU (KHNL) - People from Waimanalo to Mccully are cleaning up after flood waters gushed through their homes and businesses on Friday. Heavy rains flooded parts of Oahu yesterday.

Much of Kahala Mall is closed today and 90 shops were evacuated. Even the freeways were flooded. Several events this weekend are cancelled including the Honolulu Centennial Family Festival.

The downpour which caused a stream to overflow put several residents on edge. Kim Sharrow is in disbelief. Her Makiki home just got flooded out.

"It was really loud, like thundering. I thought it was coming from upstairs and I went to look outside and the water was like two feet away from the window top. It started coming in from all over. We picked up everything off the floor and unplugged everything," says Sharrow.

More than several inches of water covered the floor. Neighbors watched the entire event unfold.

"Torrents of water just bashing right up here. You got all this debris right here. that's what happened," says neighbor Mark Elsman

When the flood waters subsided debris covered the driveway. The water came from the stream in front of Sharrow's house.

"Hopefully it won't happen again."

But the water in the stream began to rise to the point where her house was threatened again. The only thing she could do is watch helplessly in her home as water gushed on her front door.

"It looked pretty scary," says Elsman.

The water level was higher than the first time.

"Its flooded before. But its never been this bad," says Sharrow.

Sharrow and her roommate are renters. The homeowner she says she has flood insurance.

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