Rains Keep Round Top Drive Residents Cautious

MAKIKI (KHNL) - The downpour proved to be too much near Round Top Drive in Makiki. An already weakened hillside crumbled, leaving everything in its path covered in mud.

All you see is mud everywhere.

"They just said, 'Get out. The sand is coming down,'" Nani Kaawa, landslide victim, said.

Just below Round Top Drive, a section of mountain toppled, sending mud and debris onto homes and cars below.

"It's cracking. The mountain is separating," Kaawa said. "All the sand is coming down right here. We're losing everything."

The mud blankets Maunalaha Road. Trees, in the path of the landslide, snapped like matchsticks.

"We saw the tree fall down. It made a big blast," Kapili Torres, 8, said. "My grandma said, 'Everybody, get out of here.'"

"The river was getting all high," Kapali Ma'ae, 7, said. "The tree wen fall down, and that's how you get the puka."

And quite a puka it is. This reporter is five-feet, five-inches tall. As (she stands) next to the gigantic hole, you can imagine the volume of mud that came sliding down.

A lot of it nestled up to Sally Moses' home. The cars in her driveway are buried.

"We got a phone call from our neighbors here, telling us that the whole place had gone," Moses said. "But never in our imagination did we picture this. It's like the Grand Canyon in my hill."

With the area still unstable, folks grab what they can and evacuate.

"Forty days and 40 nights of rain. It's just been an incredible pattern," Moses said. "I'm tired of it. I wish the rain would stop."