Homes Flooded in Friday Downpour

(KHNL) - A handful of homes in Makiki were flooded in Friday's downpour, forcing the families to evacuate their homes for the second time in a week. Residents say their homes flooded last Friday as well.

"I never been in this situation before, so it's pretty crazy," said Jin Hironaga, who lives in one of the flooded homes.

He said the stream behind his home overflowed in a matter of minutes.

"Within 10 minutes, it was coming out of the drain," Hironaga said.

"Before I know it, it was overflowing and the water came pouring into my room and in the front of the house and the water's almost knee deep right now," he said.

The muddy water was in every room of the house. Hironaga and his family grabbed some clothes and a few items, and evacuated. He says they'll stay somewhere else, then come back when everything dries up.

The water rose just as quickly outside. It was waist high in some parts, and threatened more homes.

Firefighters rushed to save one elderly woman from her home. She did not appear hurt.

Al Acopan lives nearby. He was prepared for the downpour.

"I got the door blocked off on the bottom," he said. "I caulked it. The water is coming in but just seeping, very little coming in."

Acopan says he wasn't home last Friday, and the water flooded his home. He says he was fortunate he was home this time.