Flood Waters Damage Complexes Along Kalakaua

KHNL News 8 reporter Beth Hillyer reports from Friday afternoon's downpour.
KHNL News 8 reporter Beth Hillyer reports from Friday afternoon's downpour.

(KHNL) - On Kalakaua Avenue the entire street was flooded and the water was pooling right in front of Century Center. The entrance to the building was totally blocked off.

Cars are submerged in the parking lot. Aloha Mortgage is underwater.

The entire first floor is flooded. Marshall Wells blames the raging canal.

"I think if the canal wall was a foot or two higher we wouldn't have this problem."

Evacuee James Tucker explains, "The river came over the top. We tried to pick things up but we felt shocks in the water because of the computer and electricity. There were about 300 people left standing on an island."

Visitors waded outside.

Mirella Monoscalco's lunch was rained out. "We can't get in to the bistro it's all flooded can't get in, and I don't think a lot of people can get out."

Police blocked off Kalakaua Avenue. It was too dangerous for drivers.

On Kalakaua Avenue the road was completely flooded and there was a very strong current rushing down the street.

Some drivers got stalled in the deep water.

Lorine Pelletier says, "I came out of parking lot through intersection here right into the puddle."

Some pedestrians tried to cross the road using their umbrellas to guide them.

"This is ridiculous. I have never seen this kind of flooding before ever in my entire life. It's been raining for three months. Look at this. Look at me," said Jennipher Moreira. "I'm trying to catch a bus to leave this area. This whole area is flooded."

The flooding is so bad at Century Center they are using a generator to pump the water out but at this rate the water will be here for a few more days.