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Aloha Medical Mission Sets up Permanent Clinic?

Lolita Ching Lolita Ching
The Aloha Medical Mission hopes to set up a permanent partnership at the Sogod District Hospital. Dr. Ansdell explains, "We're looking to come back later on with a team, with surgeons. We can work in this area. So we can take a look at this hospital. At lunch, the group evaluates the hospital." In Hawaii, they'll discuss it more. So far, team members are enthusiastic about the idea- because they like to help people.

RN Lolita Ching provides some insight with, "It's not only that I'm the one giving to them. In a way I learn something from them. In spite of all the poor conditions, they still have that smile when they see us . F or me it's worth it, getting the smile, being appreciated." The teacher becomes the student, when those with nothing left still find something to give.
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