Dam Review

It took tragedy for government and private landowners to get serious about dam and reservoir reviews. It took a tragedy a while back with rockslides and boulders a-tumbling for government and property owners to seriously look up at hillsides. Perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime deluge like we've had is what is necessary for people to take better precautions, so be it.

Hopefully, further tragedies can be avoided or minimized if people, and authorities, take the necessary steps now to protect their properties. The private sector and government can work side by side to ensure that steps are taken to keep people and property as safe as can be reasonably hoped for.

Perhaps obsolete dams and ancient ridges will now get the full scrutiny necessary to help prevent further accidents from occurring. Granted, not every possible scenario can be foreseen or prepared for, but with a little foresight, maybe fear will not be a feeling that some people have in certain locations when the local rains come again. Think about it…