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March 29, 2006

Too Much Gas

Is the gas cap working in Hawaii ? Who knows, as even the so-called experts can't seem to reach an airtight consensus. Heck, the price of blueberries changes more on a week to week basis, and blueberries are better for you than gas. I have yet to hear any parent say to their child, "Honey, I'd love to take you to soccer practice this week, but the price of gas is up 6-cents."

Now I'm not going to say this is all much ado about nothing, but weekly fluctuations on gas prices are probably not keeping people from making their daily rounds. If the gas concern reminds everyone about the perils of living on an island, about being too dependent on something, then perhaps everyone will become a little more conscious about the constant need for conservation, saving, and recycling. As for alternate sources of fuel and ethanol and such, that will be helpful, too. Some day, but not real soon. Think about it…


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