Crumbling Rock Wall Threatens Kaneohe Home

Wade Kinshella
Wade Kinshella

KANEOHE (KHNL) -- A Kaneohe man says he doesn't feel safe in his own house.

A chunk of wall rolled down the hillside in the back of his house Monday morning, apparently loosened by the recent heavy rains.

"I've always been nervous," said Wade Kinshella. "I got a cliff here on the side of our house, it's been raining a lot so I've been watching it a lot and seeing how it looks."

The chunk of rock wall dropped more than 25 feet, but was stopped by a concrete wall before crashing into the Kinshella's home.

Nothing was damaged, and no one was hurt. But after looking at the rest of the wall above their home, Kinshella says he's even more worried.

"This doesn't look to stable," he said. "Here the rock, I think it could come down again. So I'm gonna get my wife out of the house, my dogs, and find a place to go. This needs to be resolved."

The wall is starting to separate from the sidewalk, and there are some cracks on the top of the wall.

The woman who owns the home was in the bedroom at the time, and says she heard a loud crash.

She said she frantically went to the Kinshella's home, to tell them what happened, and to make sure everyone was okay.

She said she has made calls to state and city officials to see how to fix the problem, but had not heard from them yet.

"This is a problem to me because, this is the safety of my family so we need to get this resolved," said Kinshella.

"I don't know who's gonna do it, but it needs to be done."

The homeowners are thankful that nobody got hurt, and say they are just as concerned about the situation.

They say they would like to take care of it, as soon as possible.