Crews Battle Second Worst Sewage Spill in City History

Mayor Mufi Hannemann
Mayor Mufi Hannemann
Ryan Saragoza
Ryan Saragoza

WAIKIKI (KHNL) -- Since Friday, crews have been working around the clock to try to repair a ruptured 42-inch pressurized main in Waikiki.

They even had to use a diver to find the damaged pipe. This sewer main break appears to be the second worse one in the city's history.

The spill is estimated between five and ten million gallons.

"What complicated this situation is the way it was designed. Secondly, there are a bunch of underground utilities and obviously the rains haven't helped at all," said Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann.

Now the reason this is such a complicated repair is the fact the sewer line is 15 feet deep.

They have to shore it up before they can repair it.

"We don't have an easy fix and it takes a long, long time," said Hannemann.

The sewage is being diverted into the Ala Wai canal.

"I know there is concern about the amount of sewage that has gone into the Ala Wai. As much as we wanted to avoid that, it's not possible at this point in time. We know it's in the millions of gallons so far," says Mayor Hannemann.

City officials posted more signs warning people the water is polluted. That was bad news for surfer Ryan Saragoza, "Yeah it's dissipointing. We came out here to surf and have a fun day off. It's spring break and we wanted to chill. It kind of sucks, there is sewage in the water."