Fears of Flooding Face Oahu Residents

Kaaawa (KHNL)- Fears of flooding face Windward Oahu residents as the wet weather keeps falling.

Some people weren't prepared for the heavy rains, but others are taking matters into their own hands in their continuous battle against Mother Nature.

Jeff Chasteen and his neighbor aren't taking any chances.

Chasteen lives right next to the beach, and knows what the heavy rains can do.

He says the city "cleaned out this one drain a couple weeks ago, but it's already backed up again. It's flooded all of our yards."

So they're clearing the drains to the beach, so the rain has somewhere to go, other than their front yards.

Island residents continue to deal with torrential rains; trying to dry out, and at the same time, getting ready for more wet weather.

Chasteen's neighbor Cindy Moran points to wet sandbags.

"The sandbags have been here for almost a month."

The Moran family also has wet-dry vacs and pumps ready.

They've learned how brutal the weather can be.

This is what their home looked like just a week ago, when the last big storm hit Oahu.

"The house was underwater for 2 days, twice already," Moran recalls.

But it's not just the North and Windward areas of the island that are getting slammed; streets are flooded in Ewa beach, and business owners like Ray Lalosin in Waikiki are also dealing with Mother Nature.

Lalosin points to the wall of a canal near his store.

"The yellow line was that flood that happened several days ago, it passed the record, it was like a wave going over."

Makiki stream flooded, leaving this mess behind. Lalosin is hoping that doesn't happen again.

"Just basically tired, been cleaning two weeks already." Unfortunately for him, there will be more rain to hit the Islands.