Heavy Rain Brings More Damage to Roundtop Drive Residents

HONOLULU (KHNL) -- Some homeowners in Maunalaha Valley near Round Top Drive fear more damage could be on the way.

Debris and large boulders washed in from Friday's heavy rains clogged a four foot drainage pipe in one person's home.

"Right in here there was a puka about ten feet deep. You see water coming through the front yard. this is how it used to look on that side," said Leina'a Lopes.

Leina'a contacted both the city and the state.

But she says she's still waiting for a response.

"I don't know what's going to happen now. I mean who's responsible for this?"

Next door neighbor Sally Moses is suffered serious damage on her property as well.

"I lost banana plants, coffee plants, tons of dirt. It was like a two foot wall of water coming down and it was really scary," Moses.

There's a huge sinkhole in her front yard and a 75 year old avocado tree nearby ready to fall any second.

When crews cleared Round Top Drive from mudslides earlier this week, the rain water was diverted and headed straight down toward sally Moses' home.

"Now that they have taken more black sand away from up there, the water is going to be faster and stronger. What's going to happen it will take away our road. We won't be able to get out."

Busy state crews assessed the damage. But can they help these families before this weekend's expected downpour?

"We have one more heavy rain again, its going to eat away our road and my cousin's house is going to be gone," says Moses.

In the meantime, state crews say plan to divert the rain water by blocking the drainage area on Round Top Drive with sand bags.