Bad Weather May Be Good Cover for Thieves

KAILUA (KHNL) -- As if the rains weren't bad enough, some folks who live in Kailua say thieves are taking advantage of the bad weather.

The thunder and lightening distracted some residents, as crimes were being committed right outside.

People who live in the area hope less rain will mean fewer burglaries and car break-ins in their neighborhood.

The sun is out, so the guard dogs are out, on Ilimalia Loop.

"When it's raining hard, the thieves like to hit because the dogs are hiding," Sri Shim, victim of car break-in, said. "The dogs are, you know, afraid of the lightening and the thunder.

People don't go out walking at night when it's raining."

So people and their pets inside.

Thunderstorms shielding criminals outside. Shim says during this week's heavy rains, someone went into his two cars and stole two CD players.

"That's as low as it goes," he said. "You know, I mean, here people are worrying about their own property. You got property damage happening from the floods, and guys are ripping you off."

Wendy Rosen says the same thing happened to her next-door neighbor, that same stormy night.

"I have had two burglaries in my home over the past few years," she said. "And having this offense take place next door, all those unsettled feelings have been shaken up again."

"Generally speaking, when we got bad weather such as this, crime takes a downturn," Det. John McCarthy, H.P.D. Kailua, said. "The crooks are like anybody else. They want to be warm and safe." Shim says his cars were parked in his driveway, and were left unlocked. "

Theft is a crime of opportunity," McCarthy said. "You give the crooks the opportunity, they'll take advantage of it." Shim says there is a positive thing to come out of this. The crime wave has brought his community closer together.