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Eyewitness Describes Lana'i Tornado Strike

Trailer overturned by twister Trailer overturned by twister
Pieces of a shed lodged in power lines Pieces of a shed lodged in power lines

(KHNL) Thusday night the Kaumalapau Harbor area of Lana'i was hit by a tornado. Eyewitness Willie Alboro described the scene in a phone interview with KHNL Friday morning.

"I went down to the aiport at about 9 o'clock. Then I see over the horizon, about ten miles away, you could see a lot of lightning. It was real bright - a beautiful lightning show out here. We could see everything, it was so clear.

"I went down to Manele Bay, I was coming back down to the airport about 9:30. I looked - Oh the lightning is right out of the city, about two miles out of the harbor, Kaumalapau Harbor.

"What was weird was the lightning was going in a circle, going horizontal, but like in a circle. So the lightning wasn't coming from the top going down into the ocean, it was going around in a circle.

"When the lighning hit the ocean, the whole place lit up and I said Holy Mackerel! What is that?

"It was just a mass of black one to two miles wide. It looks like a tornado. We didn't know, we figured it was just a rain cloud, a big rain cloud that was shaped like a funnel.

"So we just came home and turned on the TV and saw the tornado alert, tornado heading straight for Lana'i."

Alboro is an employee of the Lana'i airport.

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