Manoa Family Cleans Up After Home Sits in Path of Landslide

(KHNL) -- A Manoa family is feeling the force of mother nature tonight after taking a direct hit from a landslide.

State crews pitched in the "old-fashioned" way to help them dig out.

There is a bucket brigade underway in Manoa as a family is trying to clear out a home hard hit by a landslide.

Just as fast as they fill the buckets, the crews hand them off. D-L-N-R crews form an assembly line and clear the mud, one bucket at a time.

There's no way heavy equipment can get in. Homeowners Linda Green and Michael Hoffman team up with the crews.

Their lawn and lanai are under about two feet of mud.

Homeowner Michael Hoffman says, "The way it flowed, it sort of flowed toward the lanai and split by wall. Some stuff came over there by the lanai. It went down and around and out the gate."

And what's even worse, according to Michael Hoffman, "Last night we did have a flood, more water in our house than the previous night."

Crews will set up a blockade to try to divert the water away from the house.

Meanwhile state geologists have hiked up the mountainside behind the couple's home trying to pinpoint the factors that caused the landslide.

For now, the couple is relying on those giant orange barriers and sandbags to protect their home from further damage.