Surfer Bitten By Shark: "I just feel really, really lucky"

Elizabeth Dunn
Elizabeth Dunn

(KHNL) -- A visitor from Canada is Hawaii's latest shark-attack survivor.

The shark bit into the woman's leg, while she was surfing near Chun's Reef on Oahu Thursday morning. Right after she was released from the hospital, the victim shared her harrowing story with KHNL News 8's Minna Sugimoto.

The warning signs are up after a shark bite on Oahu's North Shore.

"It was after he bit me that, and was kind of, the water had calm down a little bit, that I was really like screaming my head off," Elizabeth Dunn, shark bite victim, said.

Dunn has quite a story for the folks back home in Canada.

"The doctor said that, based on the way the bite marks are, that it was really big, that it could have swallowed me," she said. "So I just feel really, really lucky."

Her surf session at Leftovers on the North Shore started perfectly. She entered the murky waters with two friends at about 9:30 a.m.

"I caught a wave that was like one of the best waves I've ever caught in my life," Dunn said. "It was perfect, and I just had it beautifully like the whole way."

But that perfect ride took her away from her group. The 28-year-old was all alone...with a shark. "I know I saw gray and stuff," she said. "And then very quickly, he bit my leg.

Then I saw his fin, which was really tall."

The holes in her wet suit tell the tale.

She says one of the shark's teeth went down to her bone.

"It didn't really hurt because I think I was just so scared," she said.

Now patched up, the psychology professor grabs a bite.

Where else, but Sharks Cove Grill.

The first 48 hours of her Hawaiian vacation? Thunderstorms and a shark attack.

"I'll still surf," she said. "Not there. I think I'll stay away from Leftovers." Lifeguards plan to keep the warning signs posted throughout the night, and reassess the situation in the morning.