Plane Truth

Within the next year, you might actually be able to use a cell phone on an airplane.  Frankly, that's horrible news.  The last thing we need is for some yapper next to us to be babbling during the five hour flight from Hawaii to the West coast.  As technology and safety concerns are addressed, the mere fact that we can talk via cell phone during flights should not overcome the obvious concerns about private space and your right to peace and quiet.

Right now, when your over-anxious, new plane buddy starts talking about the latest Woody Allen flick, you can simply close your eyes and he or she will get the hint.  But just imagine if everyone can now spend a majority of the flight over-analyzing the never-ending plight of the llama as a beast of burden with their friend in Peru for four hours!!  "Uh…excuse me, flight attendant, but can I get off of this flight in mid-air?"

Just because we can do something through the wonders of technology does not always mean we must, or should.  Please, keep your cell phone in your pocket at least until we reach the gate if this modern day wonder comes true, unless the White House needs you.  Think about it…