Calm in the Storm

I read with great interest a Honolulu Advertiser story on Monday about a calming voice of reason in the midst of the storms, a friendly conduit who helps to keep people updated amid the chaos, confusion, and thunder claps.  I go way back with Kauai radio disc jockey Ron Wiley- like 25 years back.

While Ron has been a steady A.M. drive voice at KQNG for the past 17 years, he used to be the calm, soothing voice in morning drive on Oahu for KIKI radio when we were both mere children. Even back then, Ron had a way of diffusing things, yet kept your interest up as a listener.  So it was no surprise for me to hear that Ron has been doing his part as the media liaison for many Kauai residents during this horrible rainy spell.

So kudos to Ron and everyone else in the media world trying to connect people as they keep our communities alerted, aware, and updated as the rains continue to fall.  Ah yes, the often-chastised media fulfilling its role as a lifeline to people in need…Think about it…