Makiki Man Arrested for Stabbing to Death Home Intruder

Apartment complex on Dole Street where fatal stabbing incident occurred.
Apartment complex on Dole Street where fatal stabbing incident occurred.

(KHNL) -- A man stabbed to death Sunday, after he allegedly broke into a Dole Street apartment, was a drug user. That's according to the medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Gregory Hunter Monday.

Plastic gloves, fingerprint dust, and drops of blood -- reminders of the violent confrontation that unfolded right below Regina Mustapha's front door.

"Lot of noise, screaming, broken glasses," Mustapha described. "You know, I guess they was knocking furniture around."

Police say it all started hours earlier, when 26-year-old Gregory Hunter tried to break into an apartment. The couple inside called 911, and the suspect fled.

"It's something very alarming, especially for the residents around this neighborhood," Tatiana Tseu, area resident, said.

Police say the couple initiated a burglary and threatening case. Officers searched the surrounding area for the suspect, but could not find him.

The suspect eventually returned. Investigators say Hunter forced his way into the unit, and the male tenant reached for a knife.

"He's a nice guy, doesn't really cause any trouble to anyone, does his own thing," Kaipo Dudoit, tenant's acquaintance, said.

The intruder wound up dead. Officers arrested 25-year-old Aaron Ackerman for investigation of murder.

"It's really scary to know that someone can intrude into your own private space, and you're only trying to defend yourself, and, yet, you get arrested," Tseu said.

"Somebody was killed," Capt. Frank Fujii, Honolulu Police Department, said. "And we have a responsibility to the community to gather the facts of the case, and make sure that the witness statements and the physical evidence are consistent."

An autopsy found Hunter died from injuries to his heart and lung, due to a stab wound to the chest. The medical examiner says another significant condition was methamphetamine use.

After questioning Ackerman, officers released him pending further investigation. Police say he has no prior arrests.