Wet Weather Brings Mosquitoes

State vector control workers spray mosquito breeding grounds.
State vector control workers spray mosquito breeding grounds.

(KHNL)  You may be sick of all the wet weather but mosquitoes love it.

The flooding has created ideal conditions for mosquitoes to breed and that can lead to disease.

Vincent Akizaki with State Vector Control and his crew are inspecting and treating mosquito larva.

"Our crew cares. We don't want to get feedback later that this area has a whole lot of mosquitoes so we are on top of mosquito breeding," says Akizaki.

Due to the recent flooding Vincent's job is more important than ever.

Vector Control Manager Greg Olmsted explains, "We do have a flood contingency plan which is activated. We are focusing on large bodies of water."

Mosquitoes start breeding 7-10 days after the rain stops. That's why the treatments are so effective now.

"We have five crews out right now. We have one crew in Makaha then they will check the Ewa area where we had five inches of rain yesterday," according to Olmsted.

After the rains pass through you should empty all the containers in your yard and try to get rid of any ponding water.

Vector Control is going high tech now. Crews are using hand held computers with a GPS attachment. When they go back to the office, they can build a map and keep track of the bodies of water they have treated.

Right now there is no Dengue Fever or West Nile Virus in the islands and the crews at Vector Control want to keep it that way.

"We are very concerned about staying on top the mosquitoes," assures Olmsted.

With all of those mosquitoes starting to hatch, you need to protect yourself with mosquito repellant.