Kauai Tragedy Strikes Just Days Before Planned Celebrations

Christina Macnees and Daniel Arroyo
Christina Macnees and Daniel Arroyo

(KHNL)  This weekend the Fehring ohana was to celebrate the birthday of Rowan Fehring Dingwall.

The child is still missing. He would have been two years old.

Late Friday searchers recovered a woman's body from a stream bed.

The victim has yet to be positively identified, but it's believed to be 24 year old Aurora Fehring.

She was the only woman still missing.

The body of her husband, Alan Dingwall has already been recovered.

And more than 200-people were planning on celebrating Saturday's scheduled wedding ceremony of Christina Macnees and Daniel Arroyo.

The body of the 22 year-old Macnees has been recovered.

Her fiance is still missing. To compound the tragedy, Macnees was seven months pregnant.

Saturday was supposed to be a day of celebration for the victims swept away by that wall of water.

Instead all the families have now...are their memories.

All of the victims were staying in homes along Wailapa Road when the dam broke.

A total of seven people were washed away and the search continues for the missing.

Kauai Mayor Brian Baptiste says, "Teams are still out there. The weather is bad and it makes it difficult for dogs to work with heavy rains. Not just physical, but it lessens their sense of smell."

The minister who married Fehring and Dingwall says the support from the community has helped ease the family's pain.

Kelvin Ho, is the minister who married Aurora and Alan and blessed baby Rowan. Ho says, "Because the family was so close some find comfort in the fact that they died as a family because they could not have lived without each other."