Third Body Found on Kauai Indentified

Search dogs are brought in
Search dogs are brought in

(KHNL) The body of the female victim found in Kilauea Stream late Friday afternoon has been identified. Officials on Kauai say the body belonged to 24 year-old Aurora Fehring.

The bodies of two other individuals have already been identified this past week, as Aurora's husband Alan Dingwall, and 22-year-old Christina Mcnees.

Sunday, more than 200 people were planning on celebrating the scheduled wedding ceremony of Macnees and Daniel Arroyo.

Rescue teams have been working the flood zone day and night since tuesday. Combing stream beds, and fighting their way through tons of debris, now with the assistance of heavy equipment, and teams of dogs.

"Today (Friday) we had the use of a local contractor who had his excavator on site so we had personnel working with the excavator. The first two days they identified some rubble piles along waterways that were of interest to our dogs but were too large to work manually," said Ed Simeona of Hawaii Urban Search and Rescue.

Simeona says the dogs have founds scents, but he calls them false positives. These are a scent picked up from something one of the missing people may have owned or used, such as clothing or a bed mattress.

And while he admits the odds of finding someone alive grow slimmer every day, he says everyone involved in the search remains positive.

"We never say recovery until we get to that point. We want to be optimistic and we want to help and we want to find closure so we want to find something."