North Sure

Some people want the country to stay country. Other people want a job with growth opportunities close to home. Some see expansion on the north shore as a huge plus, a chance to make a close-knit community into a thriving, entrepreneurial entity. Others see it as the beginning of the end- a permanent change, if it comes about, to the last bastion of rural Oahu and the Hawaii of old.

The pending development plans around Turtle Bay and Kawela Bay promise to bring the emotion and logic of many groups to the front- local residents, ecologists, marine biologists, traffic specialists, developers, etc. Hopefully, the community can work with the developers to decide what is in the best interests of the people who will be most affected, future inhabitants who might call this changed area home.

Of course, residents may choose not to stay if they don't like the outcome of this plan and what it means with the planned development or without the development. Any approaches must be carefully coordinated with progressive thinking about those who will be most affected by this upcoming massive project- the generations to come. Think about it.