Weather, Or Not

Nature has spoken once again, with a little help from ancient earthen dams. The horrific story on Kauai only serves to amplify how unpredictable weather and its effects can be. Mudslides, rocks and waterfalls tumbling down cliffs, utility poles snapping like twigs, mounds of water rushing over a normally tranquil setting in Kauai- we've seen a lot in just the past year or so.

The tragedy on Kauai should cause every dam to be inspected throughout Hawaii , much like the snapped poles in Nanakuli will cause a new round of inspections of utility poles. While some things can be checked and safeguards can be put in place to prevent disaster, other things simply can't be predicted or foreshadowed.

Why do some boulders slip while others remain solidly locked in place for decades? Why does rushing water veer left sometimes instead of right when a dam breaks? Why do some huge wave surges come unexpectedly? Cleaning up damaged or lost property is one thing, but right now, people are left to deal with damaged or lost lives on Kauai . How fragile our existence really is; think about it. Click here to watch Think About It...