Family to Conduct Independent Crash Investigation

(KHNL)  The family of Hawaii Air Ambulance medic Marlena Yomes is working with an attorney to investigate the cause of Wednesday's fatal crash.

Marlena's family says their independent investigation is not motivated by money, rather they say they want to make flight conditions safer for the Hawaii Air Ambulance employees Yomes left behind.

By all accounts Marlena Yomes had it all, two beautiful children, husband Gilbert whose brain cancer was in remission and a great career.

Her dad, Robert Moniz says, "She loved people, she loved life, loved helping them."

And her brother Keith Moniz adds, "She loved being in the air helping people."

But all that came crashing down with the Hawaii Air Ambulance accident Wednesday.

"Basically, Marlena's family has asked us to look into what may have happened here in the crash in Kahalui and there are a number of things we'll be looking at," according to family Attorney Rick Fried.

They will check out the history of the engines and airframe searching for an apparent mechanical problem.

The initial NTSB findings seem to rule out pilot error at this time.

Her family says they'll continue Marlena's efforts to improve conditions and benefits at Hawaii Air Ambulance.

"They all had issues, all had stories, all mentioned they had had close calls and weird feelings up in the air," said Robert Moniz of Marlena's co-workers.

And about the previous fatal crash, "We all know the plane that went down before with Mandy and them and she didn't feel their families got treated correctly at that time so they were just working on it. It's the families that get left behind, their burden," said Keith Moniz.

Her dad says they simply want answers, "Keeping everyone safe, healthy and if anything happens, keeping their family protected."

And as their attorney investigates, Monia says they mourn their loss, "We have so many happy memories of her. We talk to everybody. They are all happy times whenever Marlena was around. People wanted to be around that was her, that was Marlena. So that makes it easier."

Now to give you an idea of Marlena's committment, on Wednesday her shift was over but she went on that Maui flight anyways because the patient was in bad shape.