Search Continues for Man Swept Out To Sea

(KHNL) Search crews found no signs of a man who was washed out to sea near China Walls. Friends of the 21-year old man gathered at Maunalua Bay, hoping for any word from search crews. Helicopters from the Coast Guard and fire department searched the area from Koko Head to Makapuu. And divers checked the water about 400-yards off-shore.

The man was last seen around 3:30 Saturday afternoon, struggling to get back on shore in the water near spitting caves.

"Right about that time there was a large wave that came in, washed the water safety guy in... He turned around, and when he turned back and looked in the ocean the guy was gone" said Captain Kenison Tejada of HFD.

"The Coast Guard helicopter is in about its 12th search in the day according to our search modules and they have covered a total of 100 square miles up to this point. said Petty Officer Jennifer Johnson of the U.S. Coast Guard.

The 21-year old man is a sailor stationed on the USS Lake Erie. Search crews say they will probably resume their search Monday morning.