Streets of Woe

I don't know if the formula for our roads is something out of the chocolate factory in Willy Wonka, but since it rains here a bit every year, and since our roads seem to crumble at an alarming rate, even after being freshly paved, is it possible that the ingredients need to be revisited.  Must the Pali and Nimitz and Kapiolani always be in a state of disrepair?


Is it possible that more expensive roadway material could save more money over the long haul, as repairs would be needed less often?  What do Seattle or Portland use to keep the roads there in decent shape?  Boston gets a lot of moisture annually- is there a better way?  A lot of the U.S. gets more than its fair share of rain, sleet, and snow every year; do they have constant and repeated road woes?


Maybe the stuff we're using really is the best option, but try telling that to your mechanic when the car alignment gets thrown out of whack, again.  Of course, the bumps and ruts help to keep him in business.  Think about it…