Too many times we've heard about it, talked about it, hypothesized about it-- it's too many times.  It's something everyone says they support, and then too little changes from year to year, decade to decade.  It's something every politician uses to gain support, but the call for change and improvement falls on deaf ears.  It's the same old same old.


I'm talking about our public education system- not enough teachers, not enough repair money, not enough parental involvement, not enough counselors, art teachers, and security.  Some of the problems may be due to poverty, low expectations, historical indifference, but the bottom line is that we all pay the price when the quality and quantity of education is simply not up to standards necessary to help ensure a successful life beyond school.


What can be done, what will be done, and when?  Radical change, innovation from outside states, success stories from the rest of the world- anything and everything should be Think about it…