Windward Oahu Residents Prepare For More Rain

Sandbags at the Kaufmann home
Sandbags at the Kaufmann home
Doug Kekona shows KHNL News 8's Beth Hillyer his new driveway
Doug Kekona shows KHNL News 8's Beth Hillyer his new driveway

(KHNL) For days residents on the windward side of Oahu were pounded with heavy rain.

And more wet weather may be on the way.

A state geologist is warning tonight some Ka'a'awa homes will not be able to withstand another downpour.

At least one family is prepared to stay put despite rain in the forecast, but another is prepared to evacuate.

Carole and Phillip Kaufmann weathered two floods in the past few weeks.

Ever since Thursday they have been in a hotel.

They returned to their home on Monday, but they are not buying a new mattress yet given the forecast for rain.

They are prepared with sandbags and mops.

Down the road, Doug Kekona showed KHNL News 8 his new driveway.

His old one got washed away in a massive landslide.

Kekona is preparing for the worst if more rain comes our way.

"The geologist made us aware fact right above driveway garage material could come down with another big rain," said Kekona. "He made us aware if it starts to rain hard plan on leaving don't stay in the house until the weather clears up at least for a couple of nights."

Kekona's next door neighbor has already evacuated given the gloomy forecast from the state geologist.

In the meantime, officials with State Civil Defense are working overtime.

They are constantly monitoring the weather forecast and recommend that those who live in low lying area to get prepared with sand bags.

If those heavy rains materialzie on Thursday, civil defense officals and the red cross are teaming up to open some emergency shelters in case people do need to evacuate.

And if your home suffered any damage from the recent floods, you can call 2-1-1 and an operator will connect you with the right agency that can assist you.