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Flood Victims Clean Up This Weekend

Reporter Cindy Paliracio speaks to Hauula homeowner Carol Kaufman. Reporter Cindy Paliracio speaks to Hauula homeowner Carol Kaufman.
A rushing waterfall sends torrents of water onto the Pali Highway. A rushing waterfall sends torrents of water onto the Pali Highway.

WINDWARD OAHU (KHNL) Some homes and structures in Kaaawa and Hauula are still flooded out.

Many will spend the weekend cleaning and sanitizing their homes.

Those who live in the area, like Carol Kaufmann spent most of the day cleaning up. This is the second time Kaufmann's home has been hit by mother nature over the past two weeks.

"I just finished fixing up from the old storm, and everything's all perfect and it happens again. You can't freak out because you go nuts," said Carol Kaufmann.

Although Carol hasn't lost her cool yet, her neighbors fear the worst.

"I'm looking at those rain clouds. It's scary," said Lois O'Connor.

Despite O'Connor's fear of more nasty weather, she has no plans of leaving her home where she's lived in for more than 28 years.

"It's such a nice place to live. And it's worth a few sacrifices here and there. We've just never had this much water before."

O'Connor is hoping her heirloom furniture and carpets are not damaged which are now being dried out.

"What can you do? Just gotta keep cleaning and pumping and hope everything turns out okay."

Some hotels in the area, like the Paradise Inn in Kaaawa are offering discounted rates for flood victims. Carol Kaufmann and her husband will be staying there until their home dries out.

Damage from all the rain and flooding could be seen up and down the Windward coast Friday.

Homes were flooded. Debris covered the beaches. And mud was everywhere.

One home in Kaaawa was spared, even though the river ripped out chunks of the ground nearby.

"I could see a little bit of it going, but not the whole thing" said Wanda Sayles, who lives right along the river bed.

Sayles rearranged the rocks in the river, to divert the water away from the hillside. She says the rain and run-off was so noisy, it kept her up Thursday night.

"Listen for the landslides," she said. "If it hits the bridge it starts backing up, then we got a problem."

That was the problem in Punaluu. Huge branches clogged the stream underneath a bridge. Still, lots of debris made its way through and ended on the beach.

Mud also turned the water in Kahana Bay black and brown.

Despite the mess, there were no reports of any serious injuries.


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