Kaipo Peter Octubre

Kaipo Peter Octubre is wanted on warrants totaling 65-thousand dollars.  Police tell us they can connect him with several car break-ins and stolen vehicle cases.


In December of 2003, Octubre was spotted by a friend of his driving another friend’s truck that was reported stolen.  The victim himself later saw Octubre driving his missing vehicle.  He was soon arrested.  Police were called to investigate a domestic argument and found the missing vehicle.


In another case, police tell us he was spotted with another man breaking into a woman's car by her neighbor.  When the neighbor called police, the men made off on foot but the car they arrived to the scene in was also stolen.


In yet a third case, less than two months ago, another stolen vehicle was recovered that police could link to him.  And right behind that, the fourth incident of a break-in where police recovered over a thousand dollars in stolen electronics and personal items.


Kaipo Peter Octubre is 23 years old.  He's 5 feet seven inches tall and weighs about 180 pounds.  He has black hair and brown eyes, and a tattoo on his right calf.